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Navi Mumbai Metro Line 2, 3 and 4: CIDCO Chooses Metro Neo

For Navi Mumbai Metro Line 2, 3 and 4, CIDCO approves to implement Metro Neo

by Vaishnavi Dixit
Navi Mumbai Metro Neo

In an effort to strengthen the public transport system in the Greater Mumbai area, CIDCO decided to construct four metro lines twelve years ago while building the railway network at its own expense. The work on the 11 km long metro line from Belapur to Pendhar is almost completed, and the CIDCO has also started implementing the next three metro lines.

CIDCO chooses Metro Neo for Navi Mumbai Metro:

For Navi Mumbai Metro Line 2, 3 and 4, CIDCO approves to implement Metro Neo. Like Nashik, Metro Neo has been chosen instead of the standard gauge. The metro’s tracks will be constructed using rubber, as it is a trolley-based transportation system. The Metro Neo is widely used as a means of transportation in many developed countries. It is known for its comfortable and eco-friendly features.

The coaches of Metro Neo are relatively smaller in size and lighter in weight as compared to the traditional metro coaches. Additionally, the system operates on an overhead traction system using articulated electric trolleys equipped with rubber tires.

Why Metro Neo?

Metro Neo is a modern, eco-friendly mode of transportation that has been widely adopted in many developed countries around the world. It offers several benefits over traditional metro systems. For one, it is more comfortable, as it runs on rubber tires instead of steel wheels. It results in a smoother and quieter ride.

It is also more energy-efficient, as it uses regenerative braking technology that recovers energy when braking and reuses it for acceleration.

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Moreover, the smaller size and lighter weight of Metro Neo coaches means that they can be operated on narrower tracks and take tighter turns, making it easier to navigate through crowded urban areas. Metro Neo coaches also have a lower floor height, making them more accessible to passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility.

CIDCO’s plans for Navi Mumbai:

CIDCO is responsible for the development of the public transport system in Navi. As Mumbai gears up for the second international airport in the state, CIDCO has taken on the responsibility of making the public transport system more efficient from all sides of this airport. The airport is expected to take off its first flight next year, and CIDCO’s plan to connect it to the city’s public transport system was prepared thirty years ago.

CIDCO’s decision to use Metro Neo for the next three metro lines in Navi Mumbai is in line with its commitment to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation options. The Metro network in Mumbai will now reach Mankhurd, and the new Metro lines being built by CIDCO will connect different suburbs to the airport and other important parts of the city.

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The decision to choose Metro Neo over the standard gauge for the Navi Mumbai Metro is a step in the right direction towards promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation options in Mumbai. It is hoped that this modern and innovative mode of transport will help to reduce traffic congestion and provide a more comfortable and efficient means of transportation for the people of Mumbai.

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