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Versova Beach – Mumbai: Timings, Fees, Images, How to Reach

Juhu Beach Address: Bharat Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400047, India
Juhu Beach Entry Fee: N/A
Timings: 5 AM - 12 PM
Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/mdoDeQzT38uJTYVs5

Versova Beach, located in the Andheri neighbourhood, is one of Mumbai’s least frequented and cleanest beaches. Swimming is not allowed because of the occasionally strong currents and high tides. 

Versova Beach is very active, with kids trying to control the waves, friends taking pictures on the rocks, and vendors selling bhelpuri. It is a little beach that is less crowded and more of an addition to Juhu.

With its white and black dry sand and a few rocky outcroppings, this beach is one of Mumbai’s most picturesque beaches. One of the cleanest beaches with a tranquil atmosphere is thought to be found north of the well-known Juhu Beach.

The Koli neighbourhood, one of Mumbai’s biggest fishing communities, is also located near the beach. Several intriguing cafés and eateries are likewise positioned close to this shore, where you can enter to have the best time. Versova beach is also a favourite spot for couples who are looking for a quiet and calm place to spend their time together. Both locals and visitors go to the sandy shore of this beach to take in the sparkling ocean and glittering cityscape.

Where is Versova beach, and Why should one visit?

Versova Beach is a popular beach located in the western part of Mumbai, India. The beach is located in the suburb of Versova and is situated close to the Arabian Sea. It is a stunning beach with golden sand and blue waters and is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. 

The beach is lined with rocks and offers stunning views of the sea. There are several restaurants, cafes, and bars located nearby, making it an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the ambience. The beach is also known for its vibrant nightlife, with many clubs and bars located in the area. Versova Beach is a great spot to spend a day in the sun, with plenty of activities to keep one entertained.

Versova Beach Cleanup Activity campaign

Versova Beach used to be one of Mumbai’s filthiest beaches and was in a state of disrepair. Together with the garbage that the visitors had left behind, the locals had turned it into a trash dump. However, it has been given new life thanks to the tireless work of the locals and the lawyer and activist Afroz Shah. 

Versova Beach clean up campaign started by Lawyer and activist Afroz Shah. For his efforts in 2016, the UN’s highest environmental agency honoured him with the Champion of Earth Award. In less than a year, their diligent efforts persuaded 3,000 residents to participate in this cleanup campaign. 

Things to do at Versova Beach

1.) Riding a Bike by the Beach 

You can ride your bicycle along the lovely beach shoreline for that unforgettable seaside ride. To fully appreciate the magnificence of this beach, numerous guided bike tours are also offered close by.

2.) Horseback Riding

Imagine yourself galloping around the beach’s shoreline on one of the magnificent horses. Isn’t it seductive? Another experience you absolutely must have while visiting this beach is horseback riding. The best part is that your horse will splash over the enormous waves as you complete your ride in the sea after beginning it on dry land.

3.) Purchase 

If you enjoy fish, you should know that Versova Beach is home to some of the largest fish markets where you can purchase a wide range of seafood.

4.) Observing the Setting Sun

This beach offers unlimited panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the sunset sun. In Versova, unlike the adjoining Juhu Beach, there won’t be a swarm of food vendors to interrupt your thinking. As you sit on the rocks, you might take pleasure in aloofness.

5.) Posing for Pictures 

Many photographers are drawn to Versova Beach by the beautiful scenery and seclusion. Some photographers show up after night to catch the sky’s golden tones, while others show up early to frame the fishermen. People click on various views, such as the snack vendor beside Versova Rock Beach, the enormous sailfish in the fish market, and the horses gliding along the shore.

How to Reach Versova Beach?

By Rail: The closest rail station to Versova Beach is Andheri Station, which you can easily reach from mumbai local trains.

By Road: The beach can be easily assessed by road. You may take a bus from Andheri Station and travel straight to the Beach. This beach is also reachable via taxi, which you can get from Andheri. If you are planning to self-drive, you can find the best route from Google Maps based on your current traffic condition. If you are planning to travel via BEST Bus, then there are many busses available that will take you to Juhu Beach.

By Flight: It will take about 10 minutes for anyone to get to the beach after arriving at the Mumbai Airport. Taxis, buses, town cars, and other vehicles are available outside the airport. From the Mumbai Airport, you can travel by any of these methods to go to this Beach.

Versova Beach Location on Google Map:

Places to Visit Near Versova Beach

Versova Beach is one of Mumbai’s most beautiful beaches and has something for everyone – from sightseeing to beachside activities. This beach location is Wonderful for unwinding and taking in the sea and sun. But if you are looking for something more, there are plenty of places to visit near by. 

Best time to visit:

The ideal time to visit the beach is from October to March. The humidity level is currently relatively low, and the weather is nice. At other times of the year, the heat is still intolerably hot and humid, making it difficult to relax carelessly on the beach.

Hotels and Resort Near by:

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