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Juhu Beach – Mumbai: Timings, Fees, Things to do, How to Reach (2023)

Juhu Beach Address: Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400049, 
Juhu Beach Entry Fee: N/A
Timings: 5 AM - 12 PM
Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/xZpUzBQo8fPK8n4N7

Welcome to Juhu Beach, Mumbai! This iconic beach is a popular destination for locals as well as tourists. With its golden sand, stunning views, and vibrant atmosphere, it’s no surprise that Juhu Beach has become a well-loved spot. 

From its bustling street food stalls and stalls selling trinkets to its calm and peaceful sunsets, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this Beach. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with the family, a romantic stroll along the shore, or a calm morning to enjoy the sunrise, Juhu Beach is an ideal spot to visit and explore. So come and experience the beauty of Juhu Beach and create unforgettable memories!

One of India’s well-known beaches is Juhu Beach in the city of Mumbai. It is the longest beach in Mumbai and looks out onto the Arabian Sea.

The beach is a favourite location for filmmakers, and you can occasionally discover picture and video shoots taking place there. Additionally, if you go to the beach early in the day, you can run across some famous people who are running or enjoying coconut water. Many actors and actresses reside in the upscale neighbourhood where Juhu Beach is located.

People come here to unwind and spend time with their loved ones. And while you’re there, be sure to check out Mumbai’s regional snacks.

Why Juhu beach is famous, and Where is Juhu beach located?

One of the most well-known Indian beaches is Juhu Beach in Mumbai. This beach, which is located in “Ville Parle,” is one of the busiest in all of India. It is a popular site for most film shoots and is located around 18 kilometres from the city centre. 

It is extremely typical to see prominent celebrities jogging along the sands of Juhu Beach in Mumbai because it borders a luxury neighbourhood where most celebrities reside. This beach draws visitors due to its serene ambiance and beautiful splendour. 

In addition, it is well known for its street cuisine and regional specialties. The food stands set up here serve delicious cuisines and snacks.

Mumbai residents come to this beach to unwind and enjoy themselves after a strenuous day. At the southern end of the beach, opulent hotels and residences can be found. Anyone who visits the beach will find watching the sunset in this beautiful location, protected by the enormous Arabian Sea, to be a dreamlike vision.

Activities to do in Juhu Beach

Anyone who has ever visited Mumbai, whether they are from Mumbai or not, must pay a visit to Juhu Beach. Here are activities you may enjoy on Mumbai’s well-known beach:

  1. Consume Everything in Sight

By the seashore, you can purchase a packet of Chana Jor Garam for ₹ 30 Even corn, chapattis, and many other snacks are available. Additionally, a whole section of the beach is dedicated to quaint restaurants where you can enjoy Mumbai’s best cuisines like pav bhaji, kulfi, baraf-gola, vada pav, and much more!

  1. Acquiring Some Healthy Habits

Locals visit this beach for their morning jogs or yoga classes. It is the place to go if you want to exercise or enjoy some cold coconut water. You may also feel that this beach is perfect for your daily jogging and cycling activities.

  1. Observing the Setting Sun

People gather at the beach every evening to see the golden sunset over the Arabian Sea. It’s an unforgettable moment that you can always come here and enjoy the sunset from this beach. 

Without including Juhu Beach, the crowded, frenetic, and colourful utopia that used to be associated with family weekends for a large portion of Mumbai, no list of Juhu is complete. In addition to the food, take a trip down memory lane and play the antiquated “games,” get a reading from the psychic robot, and watch the sunset as throngs of people stroll the beach in search of fun.

  1. Horse Ride

In Juhu Beach, it is prevalent that you will find many horse riding activities. You can rent horses and ride them along the sand for a stroll or a gallop. The beach is very long and offers plenty of room to practise horse riding. You may also find camel rides in addition to horses.

  1. Take Part In Water Sports

To experience the exhilaration of water sports, you no longer need to travel to Goa. Parasailing, Jet skiing, Fly Fish, Banana Boat, and Bumper Boat rides are among the activities offered at Mumbai’s Juhu Beach. Ride packages can be bought beginning with a 3-ride bundle for 600 and a 5-ride package for 1000. However, if you decide to pay for each ride, the price starts at 200.

  1. Visit Prithvi 

If you have an hour or two to spare, you should stop by the Prithvi Theatre, which has long been a favourite of theatre enthusiasts. The lovely Prithvi Café is no less of a treat if you’re too late and unable to obtain tickets, especially in the evening when it is illuminated by China lamps and the well-known strains of the flautist who plays in the foyer.

  1. Celebrity 

Did you know that Juhu is home to a considerable number of Bollywood celebrities? Take a stroll through the historic Prateeksha Bungalow and the quiet streets nearby to see the residences of celebrities like Jeetendra, Shatrugan Sinha, Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, and others.

  1. Shop

Great boutiques and designer shops like Satya Paul, Millionaire, Masaba, Kimaya, and Ayamik can be found in Juhu. You should take in the sights of these very spectacular boutiques.

  1. Get Mehendi Coated

You may receive intricately patterned mehendi on your palm for Rs 180. Select from various patterns, but be warned—it can be removed with some soap.

  1. Picture of the Sea

You may get yourself taken on our very own beach and get a print for Rs 150. Leave your camera-averse side at home because these photographers will invite you to enjoy your time in the water as they capture some amazing images!

How to Reach Juhu Beach?

Juhu is not just one of Maharashtra’s biggest and most popular beaches, but it is also well-liked by visitors from all across India. Every year, a sizable number of tourists from abroad travel to Mumbai, and one of their favourite places to hang out in Mumbai is in Juhu.

Juhu is one of Mumbai’s wealthiest neighbourhoods, which is not far from the city centre and is easily accessible by road or train from any location in Mumbai. Since Juhu beach is the longest beach in Mumbai, with a total length of 6 km long stretch, there are multiple entry and exit points for this beach. The main entry point for this beach is located at Juhu Tara Road, and the guide below will help you reach the beach.

Below are possible travel options if travelling via Road/Train/Air:

Juhu Beach Location on Google Map:

By Road:

Multiple routes from most areas of Mumbai will connect you to Juhu beach. Apart from MTDC, BEST buses and private buses from various city areas, taxis, and vehicles are widely accessible. 

If you are self-driving and coming to the beach, you may find the best route suggestion on Google Maps based on your current traffic condition. Click here to open Juhu Beach Location on Google Maps and click on the directions to know the best route option available.

If you are planning to travel via BEST Bus, then there are many busses available that will take you to Juhu Beach. If you are at Santacruz Railway station, you may take BEST BUS Number 231, which will stop at Juhu Bus Stop. BEST Bus is a low-cost local bus service that allows you to travel anywhere in Mumbai. 

By Train:

Mumbai has one of the most extensive rail networks of any city in India, making it simple to travel by train to Juhu from any neighbourhood or suburb inside the town. The nearest railway station to Juhu beach is Vile Parle, Santacruz, and Andheri West Railway station on the Western Line. 

The best option if you are travelling via Mumbai Local Train is to get down at Vile Parle West or Santacruz West Railway Station and take an auto or Bus, which is just 3-4 km from the beach. 

By Air:

Mumbai, the nation’s financial and commercial hub, has its domestic airport and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, which has direct and indirect flights to the majority of other cities worldwide.

Juhu may be readily reached by taking a cab as it is only 6 km from the international airport and 4km from the domestic airport.

Places to visit near by:

Due to the proximity of the top three Juhu beach locations, Juhu Beach is a popular destination for tourists. Check out the locations listed below to get more interesting facts about them.

●    Holy Cross Church – An Old Church

●    ISKCON Temple – A Grant Temple

●    St. Joseph’s Church – A Calm Place

●    Prithvi Theatre – A Popular Entertainment Spot

●    Siddhivinayak Temple – Beautiful Structure

●    Worli Fort – A Historical Site

●    Bollywood – An Interesting Spot

●    Castella De Aguada – A Portuguese Fort

Timings and Entry Fee:

Every day of the year, you have access to the beach. You can go there to run in the morning, watch the waves at noon, or spend some time by yourself at night at Juhu Beach in Mumbai. However, in the evening, when large crowds congregate to unwind after work or enjoy delicious city fare, Juhu Beach assumes its distinctive personality.

Best Time to Visit:

The mornings, when few people are present, are the least busy times at Juhu Beach. As a result, it gives you a perfect chance to take in the beauty of the beach. You can choose a cup of tea and relax while observing Mumbai getting ready for the day. Also possible is an accidental run-in with a Bollywood star who is strolling down the shore.

However, the excitement begins in the evening when locals and tourists gather to watch the sunset together. Summers are sweltering. As a result, winter, when the weather is cooler, is the greatest time to visit this beach. The best months of the year are November through March.

Hotels Near Juhu Beach

You can find resorts in Mumbai that are closest to Juhu Beach. Learn about the secure and hygienic hotels close to hotels near Juhu beach that adhere to safety standards like hygienic rooms, knowledgeable staff, and sanitised indoors.

● Parla International

● Residency Hotel Andheri

● Hotel Milan International

● Ginger Hotel

● Avion Hotel

● Hotel Indie Stay

Explore Juhu Beach Now

The majority of people spend their evenings on the beach sucking cold barf-gola or eating hot noodles. Others like good times and taking pictures while spending time with friends or family. You are welcome to spend a couple of hours at Juhu Beach.


Juhu Beach in Mumbai is an iconic beach that offers a unique experience for visitors. It is a great place to spend an evening, enjoying the sea breeze and the beautiful sunset. From the delicious street food to the vibrant culture and the stunning views, It is a must-visit for anyone visiting Mumbai. It is truly a remarkable place and one of the most beautiful beaches in Mumbai.