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Mumbai Metro Fare 2022 – Line 7 and 2A

by Roshan

On April 2nd, 2020, Metro lines 2A and 7 became partially operational, covering a 20 km metro route (DhanukarwadiDahisarAarey). The Metro runs between Dhanukarwadi on Metro Line 2A and Aarey on Line 7. 

The fare for this line is based on the kilometer traveling on the Metro. Below is the fare detail for Mumbai Metro Line 7 and 2A based on the kilometers. Currently, there is no monthly pass for this line. 

Also, you can refer to Mumbai Metro 7 and 2A fare chart matrix to know the exact fare amount for your journey.

Mumbai Metro Fare

Mumbai Metro Fare Chart Matrix 2022 - Line 7 and 2A