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List of Most Popular Beaches in Mumbai that you must know

Mumbai is situated on the western coast of India, and therefore it is blessed with a long coastline surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Therefore, you will find many beautiful and serene beaches in Mumbai lies on the western coast. Mumbai beaches are also one of the reasons that make people fall in love with the city. The view of watching the sunset from these beaches is so mesmerizing and blissful that you want to visit them over and over again.

Enjoying Mumbai beaches is incomplete without those delicious mouth-watering foods sold by hawkers and nearby food stalls. When you visit any of these beaches, you may observe numerous food stalls, restaurants, and hawkers selling various food items. Many people love spending time on the beach while munching their favorite snacks or food and enjoying the sunset.

Mumbai, a city that never sleeps, is indeed a true statement because life in this city is fast-paced. Almost every Mumbaikar is busy with their work, and people reach out to these beaches to take a break from city life. People like to visit these beaches to spend quality time with their friends and family.

Although there are many beaches in Mumbai but we have listed some of the most popular beaches in Mumbai, which are worth visiting if you haven’t yet.

List of Most Popular Beaches in Mumbai

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach - Popular Beaches in Mumbai

Juhu beach is the most popular and longest beach in Mumbai. It is also the most visited beach in Mumbai. This beach is located in the western suburbs of Mumbai, situated in Ville Parle. The entire stretch of the beach is about 6 km and connects to Versova Beach in Andheri.

Besides being one of the beautiful beaches in Mumbai, it is also an excellent place for a wide variety of incredible street foods. The beach has numerous food stalls and hawkers selling these delicious food items you can’t resist. Some famous street food that Mumbaikar loves and is available on this beach are Pani Puri, Chat Masala, Bhel Puri, Dahi Puri, Vada pav, Pav Bhaji, Dosa items, Idli-vada Sambar, Ice cream, Falooda, Baraf Gola, etc.

Juhu beach is located near to posh locality and home to many Bollywood and TV celebrities. So, next time you find any celebrity jogging on the beach or having tender coconut, don’t get surprised as it is very common to see celebrities on this beach. 

It is also one of the favorite beaches of many filmmakers to shoot beautiful beach scenes for their films. 

Unfortunately, this beach does not allow swimming, so if you are planning to swim, please check the other beaches below.

When to Visit:

The beach is perfect for visiting at all times of the year. You can visit the beach in the morning or evening. However, the best time to visit the beach is in the evening as you can see the beautiful sunset, lighting, and many street food vendors selling food and other items. Please note that the weekend will be crowded.

How to Reach here?

You can reach Juhu Beach from Andheri, Ville parle, and Santa Cruz Railways Station. From the railway station in the west, you can take an auto-rickshaw or BEST bus to Juhu Beach. 

However, the closest railway station to Juhu Beach is Vile Parle, just 3 Km from the station. I recommend you to get down in Vile Parle and take the auto or bus.

Versova Beach:

Versova Beach
Image Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Versova,_Mumbai

Versova beach is just next to Juhu Beach, or we can say that it is the continuation of Juhu Beach but separated by a creek. Versova Beach is one of the famous beaches in Mumbai, but it is comparatively less crowded. This beach is situated in the suburbs of Andheri.

Since this beach experience less crowd compared to others, one can enjoy the serene beauty of this beach in a calm and peaceful environment. The beach also faced much criticism some years ago for being the most polluted beach due to trash and plastic garbage on the beach. However, it recently went through a massive clean-up activity with some volunteer effort. Today, it is one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai. 

This beach is also ideal for swimming and many other water sports. 

Versova, originally named Vesave, is a small fishing village of the Kolis. It’s home to the Koli community, which is one of the largest fishing communities in Mumbai. The beach is famous for its daily fish market and large fish auctions market.

When to Visit:

The beach is perfect for visiting at all times of the year. You can visit the beach in the evening. If you plan to buy fish, you should try coming here in the morning. 

How to Reach here?

You can reach Versova Beach from Andheri. From the railway station in the west, you can take auto-rickshaw or BEST bus for Versova Beach. It is just 4 km from Andheri Station to Versova Beach.

Aksa Beach

Aksa Beach
Image Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aksa_Beach

Aksa beach is known for being the cleanest beach in Mumbai, and it’s located in Malad West. This beach does not experience too much crowd; hence you can relax and enjoy the calmness and peace of the beach. Since the beach is on the outskirt of Malad, it escapes from the sounds of city life.

Aksa beach is in proximity to Marve Beach, Madh Island, Madh Fort, and Dana Pani beach. 

The beach faces huge tides and currents, and therefore it is not safe for swimming. You may find many warning signs that say that swimming is prohibited.

This beach has come to the limelight and become more popular due to a song named “Tujhe Aksa Beach ghuma du kya” from the Bollywood movie “God Tussi Great ho.”

When to Visit:

The months from September to March are considered the best because the climate is cool and you can avoid the pricky sun. Please do not plan to visit this beach in the late evening, and one should leave the beach before 7 PM as it becomes very dark and deserted.

How to Reach here?

You can reach Aksa Beach from Malad West Station. From the railway station n the west, you can take an auto-rickshaw or BEST bus for Aksa Beach. It is a 12 km distance from Malad West Station to Aksa Beach.

Girgaon Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty Beach
Image Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girgaon_Chowpatty

Girgaum Chowpatty is also commonly known by locals as Chowpatty. This beach is one of the immensely popular beaches in Mumbai. This beach is situated in south Mumbai and is located on the northern side of the Marine Drive. 

The beach is heavily commercialized and one of the busiest beaches in south Mumbai. You will find numerous food stalls and hawkers selling a wide range of street foods. These food stalls are located on the beach as a food court at the entering points and can be identified easily. 

The foods are tasty, and people love eating here in the evening on the beach. You will find all the popular street food of Mumbai on this beach, such as Pani Puri, Chats, bhelpuri, Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, All Dosa items, Idli-vada Sambar, ice cream, Falooda, baraf gola, etc.

The beach is close to Churchgate and Charni road and in the proximity of many colleges. Therefore, it is a popular hangout place for college students, tourists, and locals. Girgaon Chowpatty is also said to be one of the most crowded beaches in Mumbai. The view of Bandra Worli Sea Link Bridge and sunset from this beach are splendid and relaxing.  

When to Visit:

You may avoid visiting on weekends if you want to avoid the crowded beach. 

How to Reach here?

If you are coming by train, you can get down at Charni road railway station and walk to the beach, approximately 1 km from the station. 

Madh Island Beach

Madh Island Beach is another famous beach in Mumbai but attracts fewer tourists than other beaches. However, it offers one of the cleanest beaches in the city with a serene, breathtaking view. The shore is surrounded by mangroves, adding scenic beauty to this beach.

The beach is located in Malad West. There are many other beaches in the proximity of Madh Island, such as Marve Beach, Dana Pani beach, and Aksa Beach. 

The beach is best if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and want to relax in the midst of nature. From this beach, one can view the eye-catching watchtower also popularly known as Madh Fort. The Portuguese built the fort in the early 17th century, and the view from the beach is beautiful. The fort is also very popular among many filmmakers, and many shooting activities happen in this place. 

When to Visit:

The beach is perfect for visiting at all times of the year. However, you can visit during the weekend since you may observe the deserted beach on weekdays.

How to Reach here?

If you are traveling by train, get down at Malad West Railway Station and take the BEST bus or autorickshaw to reach Madh Island beach. It is approximately 15km distance between Malad Station and Madh Island Beach. 

Gorai Beach

Gorai Beach - Popular Beaches in Mumbai

Gorai Beach is also very close to iconic and popular places, like Manori beach, Global Vipassana Pagoda, Essel World, and the Water Kingdom.

This Beach is located at the northern end of Mumbai. It is one of the famous beaches in north Mumbai. This beach is visited mainly by couples and families. This beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai and the safest as there is continuously patrolling by police.  

The beach is also considered to be safe for swimming. Compared to other beaches in Mumbai, the water is cleaner in Gorai beach. You may find most of the people on the beach are playing and enjoying in water. Although there are local lifeguards and authorities will restrict people from going far in the water.

You may also see people riding cars and bikes on the beach. On most of the beaches in Mumbai, vehicles are not allowed, but this is one of such beach where you can take your vehicle on the beach for a ride. Riding your car or bike on an open beach is a breathtaking and memorable experience that you will love. 

There are also many horse rides available on the beach, and you can take a ride along the beach. You may also find many water sports rides like boat cruises, jet skis or kite surfing, and other water sports. There are also many hotels and resorts available for stay.

When to Visit:

This beach is crowded during the weekend and is a single-lane road to enter Gorai beach; therefore, if you bring a car, it will be tough to enter Gorai due to the jam. 

Also, avoid during high tides and monsoons as you may not be allowed to enter the beach with your car inside, and you may have to look for paid parking near the resort.

How to Reach here?

If you are coming by train, you can get down at Bhayander West and take an auto or bus to reach Gorai beach. 

There is also another route where you can hop on the ferry to reach Gorai beach. You can get down at Malad or Borivali station and take an auto or bus to reach Marve beach. Get into the ferry, and it will take you to Manori. From Manori, you can take an autorickshaw or bus to reach Gorai beach.