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Mumbai Metro – Line 2A (Yellow Line): Stations, Fare, Route Map, Status, & Timeline

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About Mumbai Metro Line 2A

Mumbai Metro Line 2A (Dahisar – Andheri West) metro corridor is 18.589 KM fully elevated and consists of 17 stations from Dahisar to Andheri West. 

Metro Line 2A is a subsection of the Metro Line 2 Plan of the Dahisar-Bandra-Mankhurd line. After many changes in the corridor route stretch, MMRDA finally decided that Metro Line 2 would cover the Dahisar-Bandra-Mankhurd route. 

However, the agency conducted a detailed feasibility study on the construction of the metro line 2. Consequently, MMRDA announced that the line would be built in two sections – Dahisar-Andheri West (Metro 2A) and Andheri West-Mankhurd (Metro 2B)

The official colour code for Metro lines 2A and line 2B is Yellow also called as Mumbai Metro Yellow Line.

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Mumbai Metro Line 2A (Dahisar - Andheri West) Stations

Below is the list of stations on Mumbai Metro Line 2A (Dahisar – Andheri West) corridor. There are a total of 17 stations on the line, which are fully elevated.

#Station NameStatusTypeConnections
1Dahisar (East)OperationalElevatedInterconnect Mumbai Metro Line 7 – Red Line
2Anand NagarOperationalElevated
4Mandapeshwar I.C ColonyOperationalElevated
6Borivali (West)OperationalElevated
8Kandivali (West)OperationalElevated
10Valnai-Meeth ChowkyOperationalElevated
11Malad (West)OperationalElevated
12Lower MaladOperationalElevated
13Bangur NagarOperationalElevated
14Goregaon (West)OperationalElevated
15OshiwaraOperationalElevatedInterconnect Mumbai Metro Line 6 – Pink Line
16Lower OshiwaraOperationalElevated
17Andheri (West)OperationalElevatedInterconnect Mumbai Metro Line 1 – Blue Line

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Metro Line 7 and 2A Route Map

Mumbai Metro 2A - Live Map

Mumbai Metro Line 2A Fares

The minimum fare for traveling in metro 2A and 7 is ₹ 10 for 3 km, and the maximum fare is ₹ 50 for 30km. The fare is based on the kilometer that you travel on the metro.

Check here to know the current fare on Mumbai Metro 7 and 2A      

Project History:

Planning and Construction Phase:

– Mumbai Metro Master Plan and DPR for the Lines:

Mumbai Metro Line 2A, also known as the Dahisar-Andheri West Metro corridor, is an elevated metro line in Mumbai, India. The project was part of the proposed Master Plan prepared by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), which was unveiled in 2004. However, it went through many revisions later. 

In June 2015, Fadnavis requested DMRC to prepare a revised and updated Master Plan for Mumbai Metro. DMRC prepared DPR for the four corridors that are – Andheri East to Dahisar East on Western Express Highway, Dahisar to Andheri West on Link Road, Jogeshwari to Kanjurmarg (12-km) on JVLR, and Bandra Kurla Complex to Mankhurd. 

Later these corridors were merged and named Metro Line 7 (Dahisar – Gundavali (Andheri East), Metro Line 2A (Dahisar – Andheri West) and Metro Line 2B (ESIC Nagar – Mankhurd – Mandala).

– Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony and Construction Phase:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed the Bhoomi puja for Mumbai Metro Line 7 and Metro Line 2A in October 2015 and started construction in 2016.

The project was undertaken by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), which is responsible for the planning and implementation of infrastructure projects in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

The project also faced criticism from environmentalists and local residents who were concerned about the impact of the elevated line on the city’s skyline and the surrounding environment. 

The MMRDA addressed these concerns by incorporating several green features in the design of the stations, such as rainwater harvesting and solar power generation.

The revised project cost for both metro lines was ₹6,208 crores for Line 7 and ₹6,410 crores for line 2A. The contract to design and construct metro lines 7 and 2A was awarded to three infrastructure companies by Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA).

The MMRDA had to acquire land from private landowners as well as government agencies, which led to delays and legal hurdles.

The project was estimated to be completed by Mid 2020; however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and other factors affected the project’s completion date.

In May 2021, MMRDA commenced trial runs on Lines 2A and 7. MMRDA officials had assured that the two lines would be fully operational for the public by October 2021, which was revised later.

Inauguration of Phase 1 and Phase 2:

The project was decided to open for commercial operation in two phases. Phase 1 (Dhanukarwadi-Dahisar-Aarey) and Phase 2 (Gundavali – Andheri West)

– Inauguration of Phase 1:

After many revisions in its deadline date, the Mumbai metro line 7 Phase 1 was finally opened for commercial operation on April 2nd, 2022, during an auspicious Maharashtrian New Year Day, Gudi Padva. 

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray inaugurated the Mumbai Metro lines 2A and 7.

As a part of the Phase 1 plan, the metro stretch covers 20 KM (Dhanukarwadi-Dahisar-Aarey). The Metro ran between Dhanukarwadi on Metro Line 2A and Aarey on Line 7. The two metro lines ran parallelly on Western Express Highway and Link road, which helps immensely to reduce road congestion and local train overcrowding on the western route.

However, since both lines were not fully operational, congestion on the road and train overcrowding was still present on the western lines.

– Inauguration of Phase 2:

On 21st January, 2023 Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Phase II Metro Lines 2A and 7, which started commercial operation the next day at 4.00 PM.

Despite the challenges, the project was completed in six years, with a total cost of around Rs. 6,410 crores. The Line 7 corridor caters to around 1.5 lakh passengers per day and reduces travel time between Andheri and Dahisar from 90 minutes to just 30 minutes

Project Facts

Project Overview

Project/Metro Name: Dahisar-Malad-DN Nagar Metro Corridor

Line Number: 2A

Official Line Color: Yellow

Status: Operational

Distance: 18.5 KM

Total Stations: 17 Stations

Depot: Malvani in Malad West

Operator/Implementing Agency: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)

Construction Started: November 2016

Project Completion:

Estimated Cost: ₹ 6,410 crore

Detailed Project Report (DPR)View Here


Ridership Details

Estimated Ridership: 4.07 lakh/day by 2021 and 6.09 lakh/day by 2031.

Metro Timings: –

Metro Fare: –

Technical Overview

Track length: 18.589 km

Track Type: Elevated

Metro Type: Rapid Transit

Number of tracks: 2

Operating Speed: 80km/hr (50mph)

Track gauge: 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard gauge

Electrification: Overhead 25 kV AC