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Gorai Beach: History, Things to do, Timing, Top Attraction near by

by Roshan
Gorai Beach Sunset
Gorai Beach Sunset View

Gorai beach is famous and one of the most serene beaches in Mumbai. This beach is located at the northern end of Mumbai, which is near Bhayandar. It is a perfect place for a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life and wants to relax in the midst of nature. 

Since the beach is far from the city, one may experience the soothing calmness of this beach. Being one of Mumbai’s cleanest and most tranquil beaches, it also offers an unforgettable experience of watching mesmerizing sunset from this beach. 

Regarding safety and security on the beach, it is safe, and there is continuous patrolling by police.  

History of Gorai

Gorai is a Dharavi Bhet village bordered by Manori, Uttan, Pali, Chowk, Dongri, Tarodi, Rai, Morva, and Murdhe.

The East Indian community predominantly inhabits these villages. East Indians are native Christians of Mumbai and are considered to be the original and first Christians residents of Mumbai.

Who are East Indians?

In the 16th century, when Portugal took over Mumbai from the Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, missionaries converted the locals to Roman Catholicism. After Portugal handed over Bombay(Mumbai) in 1661 to the British East India Company, they began recruiting Christians from other parts of the Konkan and Mangalore. To differentiate them from migrants, they began to call themselves the Original East Indians.

Things to do at Gorai Beach Mumbai

  • Water Sports:

Gorai beach is famous for its water sports activities and beach parties. You may find this beach perfect If you are an adventure seeker. However, you may not find water sports activities during monsoon seasons, and one should avoid visiting during monsoon if one wants to enjoy water sports. 

You may find many water sports rides like boat cruises, jet skis, kite surfing, and other water sports activities.

  • Swimming : 

The beach is also considered to be safe for swimming. Compared to other beaches in Mumbai, the water is cleaner at Gorai beach. 

You may find most of the people on the beach are playing and enjoying in water. However, some local lifeguards and authorities will restrict people from going far into the water.  

  • Horse Rides: 
Gorai Beach Horse Ride
Ghoda Gaadi ride in Gorai Beach

There are also many horse rides and horse carts (ghoda gadi) available on the beach, and you can enjoy the ride while riding along the beach.

  • Food: 

Enjoying the beach is incomplete without those delicious mouth-watering foods sold by hawkers and nearby food stalls. Many street food stalls and hawkers sell those delicious food items on the beach. You may find food items such as Chana Masala, Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Baraf Golas, Vada Pav, Samosa, etc. If you are coming during monsoon season, you will see some stalls for Roasted Corn (called Bhutta).

For seafood lovers and food enthusiasts, you may experience excellent seafood options on this beach. Fishes served here is fresh and delicious. 

  • Riding Vehicle on the Beach : 
Vehicle Ride on Beach
Two-wheeler vehicle riding on beach

On most of the beaches in Mumbai, vehicles are not allowed, but this is one such beach where you can take your vehicle on the beach for a ride. You may see many people riding cars and bikes on this beach. 

Riding your car or bike on an open beach is a breathtaking and memorable experience that you will love and must try out if you are planning to come by your vehicle.

  • Resort and Cottage Stay:

Gorai Beach has several resorts, cottages, and home stay where one can enjoy their overnight stay. 

Many of these resorts and cottages are very close to the beach. 

Cottages in Gorai beach are cheaper than resorts. However, before you book any cottage, make sure that it is for a family since most of the cottages on the beaches are booked by couples and are not meant for families.

  • Night Party: 

If you are a party lover, you should come here during the festival or on special days to enjoy the night party on this beach. Most of the resorts on this beach arrange night parties during festivals, new year’s eve, etc. The beach is famous for celebrating New Year parties with loud music, food, and drinking. 

Most of these parties are arranged by the resorts and local organizers on the beach.

  • Sunset View:

I suggest you visit this beach in the evening because you cannot miss the mesmerizing view of the sunset from this beach. The view is so beautiful you will always remember and enjoy each and every moment you spend here. 

When to Visit:

This beach is crowded during the weekend and is a single-lane road to enter Gorai beach; therefore, if you bring a car, it will be tough to enter Gorai due to the jam. 

Also, avoid during high tides and monsoons as you may not be allowed to enter the beach with your car inside, and you may have to look for paid parking near the resort.

How to Reach Gorai Beach from Borivali

By Road

If you plan to travel with your vehicle, you must reach Bhayander. Once you reach Golden Nest circle, take a left toward Bhayander West using the East and West Flyover. Take the Uttan Road and follow the Esselworld route. You will find Gorai Beach 3 km before Esselworld. 

You can also travel by two-wheeler vehicle using a ferry boat at Boriwali Gorai Khadi.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Gorai Beach is Bhayander, Borivali and Malad, located on the western line of the suburban railway in Mumbai. If you are coming from Bhayander, you can take an auto or bus to reach Gorai beach. If you are coming from Borivali, take an auto or bus and reach Gorai Khadi. For people coming to Malad Railway station, you can easily find auto rickshaws or buses outside the station and reach Marve Beach. Take a ferry from Marve or Gorai Khadi to reach the other ends of Gorai. From there, you can easily find an auto to reach Gorai Beach.

Timing and Entry Fees

You can visit Gorai Beach Mumbai at any hour of the day because it is open 24/7. While admission to the beach is free, there are fees for the rides and adventure activities. Since the operators don’t have a set charge, use your negotiating abilities to acquire the best deal possible. Get on your favourite rides and spend the day away from the city’s bustle.

You should have two to three hours to take part in all the Gorai Beach activities if you don’t intend to spend the weekend at the beach or go to a party. You won’t regret it either. More hours can be spent jet skiing, riding a horse, or watching the sunset.

Places Near Gorai Beach

Gorai Beach is very close to iconic and popular places, like Manori beach, Global Vipassana Pagoda, Essel World, and the Water Kingdom. Check the details below to learn more about the top attraction near Gorai Beach.

  • Essel World & WaterKingdom:

Essel World is India’s most popular and famous amusement park, located in Gorai, Mumbai. It is spread over an area of about 64 acres, in which the Water Kingdom covers a 22-acres area.

  • Marve Beach

The beach at Gorai is popular with tourists. On the other side of Gorai island, you can also spend your time at Marve beach. Enjoy a quiet, private experience. The stunning ocean waters are another option. To go to Marve Beach, one can board an excursion ferry at Gorai Beach.

  • Aksa Beach

Another wonderful weekend getaway is Aksa Beach, which you may take advantage of with your loved ones. The beach offers water sports and delectable seaside food to savour while you rest from Mumbai’s bustle.

Hotels and Resort Near Gorai Beach

You can stay in the following hotels. Here is the list of resorts in Gorai Beach.

● Fonseca’s Beach Resort

● Sun & Shade

● Tourist Resort Gorai

● East India House

● Gorai Hill Resort