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Mumbai Metro – Line 2B (Yellow Line)

Line Status:

Mumbai Metro Line 2B (D.N. NAGAR – MANDALE) metro corridor is 23.643 KM fully elevated and consists of 20 stations from D.N. NAGAR to MANDALE. The Metro Line 2B is a subsection of the Metro Line 2 Plan of the Dahisar-Bandra-Mankhurd line.

After many changes in the corridor route stretch, MMRDA finally decided that Metro Line 2 will cover the Dahisar-Bandra-Mankhurd route. However, after detailed feasibility conducted by an agency on the construction of the metro line 2, MMRDA announced that the line would be build in two sections – Dahisar-D.N. Nagar (Metro 2A) and DN Nagar-Mankhurd (Metro 2B). The aim of the project is to connect Dahisar in the northwest to Mankhurd in the east. 

The Metro 2B corridor plan covers 20 stations – ESIC Nagar, Prem Nagar, Indira Nagar, Nanavati Hospital, Khira Nagar, Saraswat Nagar, National College, Bandra Metro, Income Tax office (ITO), BKC, IL&FS, BKC, MTNL, BKC, S.G. Barve Marg, Kurla (E), EEH, Chembur, Diamond Garden, Shivaji Chowk, BSNL, Mankhurd, and Mandale. The commuter can interchange to Metro Line 7 at ESIC Nagar Station,  Metro Line 3 at Income Tax office (ITO), BKC Station, and Metro Line 4 at Eastern Express Highway Station

The construction work on the corridor commenced in April 2018. Metro Line 2B was divided into four packages – ESIC Nagar to Khira Nagar, Saraswat Nagar to ILFS, MTNL Metro to Chembur, and Diamond Garden to Mandale. Construction began in April 2018. 

Mumbai Metro Line 2B (Dahisar - D.N. Nagar) Stations

Below is the list of stations on Mumbai Metro Line 2A (Dahisar – D.N. Nagar) corridor. There are a total of 20 stations on the line, which are fully elevated.

#Station NameStatusTypeConnections
1ESIC NagarUnder ConstructionElevatedInterconnect Mumbai Metro Line 7 – Red Line
2Prem NagarUnder ConstructionElevated
3Indira NagarUnder ConstructionElevated
4Nanavati HospitalUnder ConstructionElevated
5Khira NagarUnder ConstructionElevated
6Saraswat NagarUnder ConstructionElevated
7National CollegeUnder ConstructionElevated
8Bandra MetroUnder ConstructionElevated
9ITO, BKCUnder ConstructionElevatedInterconnect Mumbai Metro Line 3 – Aqua Line
10IL&FS, BKCUnder ConstructionElevated
11MTNL, BKCUnder ConstructionElevated
12S G Barve MargUnder ConstructionElevated
13Kurla (East)Under ConstructionElevated
14Eastern Express HighwayUnder ConstructionElevatedInterconnect Mumbai Metro Line 4 – Green Line
15ChemburUnder ConstructionElevated
16Diamond GardenUnder ConstructionElevated
17Shivaji ChowkUnder ConstructionElevated
18BSNLUnder ConstructionElevated
19MankhurdUnder ConstructionElevated
20MandalaUnder ConstructionElevated

Project Overview

Project/Metro Name: D.N. Nagar – BKC – Mandale

Line Number: 2B

Official Line Color: Yellow

Status: Under Construction

Distance: 23.649 km

Total Stations: 20 Stations

Depot: Mandale 

Operator/Implementing Agency: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)

Construction Started: April 2018

Project Completion:

Estimated Cost: ₹ 10,986 crore


Ridership Details

Daily Estimated Ridership:

Estimated Ridership: 8.90 lakh/day by 2021 and 10.49 lakh/day by 2031. 

Metro Timings:

Metro Fare:

Technical Overview

Track length: 23.649 km

Track Type: Elevated

Metro Type: Rapid Transit

Number of tracks: 2

Operating Speed: 80km/hr (50mph)

Track gauge: 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard gauge

Electrification: Overhead 25 kV AC

Timeline Mumbai Metro - Line 2B (Yellow Line)

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