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Aksa Beach: Timing, Things to do, Top Attraction, How to reach

Aksa Beach
Aksa Beach Sunset View

Aksa Beach is a well-known beach and a popular vacation destination in Malad. It is located near Marvé Beach. It is a well-liked weekend getaway location. It is peppered with numerous hotels and private cottages, some of which are rented to tourists and other guests. In addition, Aksa Beach is one of Mumbai’s most pristine beaches.

The beach is not ideal for swimming or water sports because of the strong currents and sinking sand. On the beach, warning signs were visible to inform beachgoers of this restriction. For the safety of the public, lifeguards have been deployed. 

The area is vulnerable to mishaps since the tides are constantly shifting. People frequently run into problems after disobeying such warnings. The water waves are more erratic during the monsoon season. 

Nevertheless, the popularity of the area never wanes because of the spectacular sunset views and comfortable weather.

Things to do at Aksa Beach

This area has developed a well-deserved reputation as one of Mumbai’s top beaches, where you can relax and enjoy a change of scenery to escape the daily grind while still having the chance to take in its breathtaking views, making it the perfect summer holiday spot.

  1. Relax

Beginning your day at this beach by taking a stroll while listening to the sound of the breaking blue waves will help you relax and fully appreciate the beautiful surroundings.

  1. Enjoy with family

The major activity that will lift your spirits is swimming, which will give you a chance to have a wonderful time at this beach. Because of this, visiting this beach is one of the great things to do in Mumbai and, precisely, one of the best things to do in Mumbai with your family.

  1. Shopping

We also advise you to visit the shopping area and check out the different street vendors after having a great time at Aksa Beach, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

  1. Enjoying the Warmth

Given its isolation, Mumbai’s Aksa Beach gives you plenty of time to spend with the surf. One winter afternoon, all you need to keep company is some seashells as you sit and enjoy the warmth of the sun. The surrounding vegetation and the sunset view should not be missed.

  1. Taking Pictures 

Many photographers are drawn to Aksa Beach Malad because of its solitude and pristine beauty. The surrounding cliffs, distant coconut palms, and golden skies at dusk give photographers many options for either portrait or landscape shots. Explore the area to find the best vantage position. Additionally, Aksa Beach’s sunrise and sunset views will awaken the photographer in you.

  1. Learning About New Dishes

The menu at Aksa Beach offers a wide range. You may get whatever you want in one of the restaurants, whether you want local Mumbai snacks, Gujarati desserts, or European cuisine. Even appetisers made by the Koli fishing community are available.

Places to Visit Near Aksa Beach

Aksa Beach is a popular destination for tourists. Check out the locations listed below to get more interesting facts about them.

● Essel World

● Tarot, Angel, and You

● Global Vipassana Pagoda

● Infinity Mall

Kanheri Caves

● Chhota Kashmir Park 

Best Time to Visit Aksa Beach

Due to the high humidity and temperature during the summer, you can’t spend much time at the beach. Going to the beach in the wet season might also be dangerous. The beach is infamous for having quicksand and strong currents, particularly during the monsoon season.

So the best time to go to the beach is from October to March. Because it is more populated on the weekends, schedule your visit for one of the weekdays. Explore the beach in the evening when it’s quieter.

How to Reach Aksa beach

Trains can take you to Aksa Beach. Public transportation is another option for getting to the beach, though you might have to switch buses before finding the one that lets you off there. So take a local train in its place. The closest station to Aksa Beach is Malad, from where you may take a taxi to the beach.

By Road 

If you plan to travel by car or bike, you can reach Malad West and drive straight on Marve Road. At the end of this road, you can take a left turn and go straight until you find a signboard that mentions Aksa Beach.

Aksa Beach Entrance Signboard
Aksa Beach Entrance Signboard

By Train (Local Train)

If you plan to travel via train, you can get down at Malad West Railway station and take an auto or bus (BEST BUS NO. 271) to reach the beach.  

Timing and Entry fees

All 365 days of the year, Aksa Beach is accessible. In addition, there is no entrance fee for strolling along the shore or admiring the view. Grab your shades and enjoy the day tanning at Aksa Beach.

Hotels and Resort Near Aksa Beach

Here are the best Aksa beach resorts and hotels for a comfortable and relaxing stay. They offer great hospitality. Below is the list of resorts.

● Mirage Hotel

● ESKAY Resort

● Sai palace Grand Malad

● Residency Sarovar Portica

● Royal Grand Resort

● Radisson Mumbai 

● Hotel Voxton


Everyone can access the beach anytime. Although early in the morning at sunrise or enjoying Aksa beach at night at sunset are the most fantastic times to visit the beach. Wear slippers or sandals because it can get very painful if your shoes get wet.

Since the sunlight is fairly intense and can result in tanning, use ample sunscreen. Stay close to shore at the Beach to avoid getting caught in the powerful tides and currents.

Make sure not to litter on the beach because it is one of the cleanest beaches in the world. There aren’t many restaurants, so unless some sellers sell tiny snacks, don’t expect to see many food stalls. Beachfront resorts and villas should be reserved in advance because they sell out rapidly.