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Mumbai Central-Gandhinagar Vande Bharat Express: Crossing 130% Occupancy Record

The train has been an instant hit among passengers, with an average occupancy of 130%. 

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Vande Bharat Express Mumbai Gandhinagar

The Vande Bharat Express launched in February 2019, connecting 108 districts across 17 Indian states. It offers advanced safety features and superior amenities for an aircraft-like travel experience.

The Mumbai Central-Gandhinagar Capital Vande Bharat Express is an outstanding example of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ among the ten trains in operation. This blog focuses on its exceptional features. Let’s dive in.

Overview of the Vande Bharat Train:

The Mumbai-Gandhinagar Capital Vande Bharat Express started operating on September 30, 2022, connecting Mumbai and Gujarat with halts at six other districts.

It has an occupancy rate of over 130%. The Vande Bharat Express offers superior amenities and currently operates ten routes, connecting 108 districts in 17 states.

The Western Railway is constructing a metal beam fence along the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route to prevent cattle run-over cases. The project covers a length of about 622 km and is estimated to cost Rs. 245.26 crore.

All eight tenders have been awarded, and the work is expected to finish by May 2023.

Features of the Vande Bharat Train:

The Vande Bharat Express has top-notch amenities and modern safety features. Each coach has 32″ screens for info and entertainment, and the train can travel up to 160 kmph.

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Passengers can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with the advanced suspension system and reclining seats. Executive Coaches even have rotating seats! And for accessibility, there are Braille seat number handles and special washrooms.

Safety Measures:

The Vande Bharat Express cares about passenger safety and has implemented advanced safety features like KAVACH – a Train Collision Avoidance System developed under Make in India.

This technology is cost-effective and has four platform side cameras outside the coach, including a rearview camera. The train also helps reduce carbon emissions by eliminating power cars and using an advanced regenerative braking system that saves about 30% electricity.

On February 10, 2023, PM Narendra Modi launched the Mumbai-Solapur and Mumbai-Sainagar Shirdi routes, which have been well received by Mumbai residents.

The Vande Bharat Express is a modern train that offers top-notch amenities, advanced safety features, and comfortable seating. Passengers love it and it remains a popular choice for travel in India.

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