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61 new electric buses to be introduced on Vasai-Virar route

Brand-new buses would probably arrive in April.

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To enhance the city’s transportation system, the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation has requested that the Eknath Shinde government of Maharashtra provide electric buses.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Transport Services Vishwanath Talekar, 61 brand-new electric buses will soon arrive, which will be of great benefit to locals.

On 32 routes, the Municipal Transport Service operates only 103 buses. People are having a lot of trouble as a result of the lack of buses.

Here, auto drivers profit from the absence of buses by charging passengers exorbitant fares.

The Municipal Corporation had demanded electric buses from the State Government for a considerable amount of time after the people’s demand, and the State Government had almost agreed to them.

Talekar stated that brand-new buses would probably arrive in April.

There are fewer buses in this area, so there are more illegal rickshaws. As a result of the new buses’ arrival, there will be less congestion and an end to illegal rickshaws.

In the coming days, common people will benefit from this.

Air pollution will go down as a result of the city’s introduction of electric buses.

In addition, diesel and gasoline prices will be reduced. Bus charging stations will be installed in each division and depot.

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