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Road Widening in Andheri West: Chawl Demolition Eases Commuting but Raises Concerns

Examining the Impact of the Chawl Demolition on Andheri West's Infrastructure and Communities

by Amit Jain

On Wednesday, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) demolished an extensive chawl that was obstructing traffic at SV Road near JP Road Junction in Andheri West. The demolition of fourteen ground-plus-one structures has made it easier for commuters travelling from Jogeshwari to Vileparle through the erstwhile Gokhale road. The municipality had been issuing notifications for the past 1.5 years, and the demolition process was difficult.

Citizens residing in the chawl are affected by this demolition, both in residential and commercial areas. However, a civic official from K West division told Hindustan Times that based on the Kurar pattern, commercial establishments would be accommodated in nearby municipal markets, and those who are completely affected will be given alternative accommodation. The SV Road section where the chawl was demolished will be widened by 25 feet to make a full 90-foot road.

“We verified the documentation and followed the law.”This road widening was long overdue,” the official stated. Amit Satam, the local MLA, claimed that Crasto Chawl, one of the destroyed buildings, had been there for many years and that the owners of the nearby commercial buildings had contacted the municipality a year and a half prior.

“The municipality created a list of acceptable and unacceptable structures and consequently demolished them.” SV Road is going to be widened now. Near Police Beat Chowki, turn left onto JP Road to get to Goregaon. This is where the building was torn down’, said Satam.

The widening of the road will benefit the daily commuters who used to face traffic congestion. The Andheri West area is one of the busiest places in Mumbai, and traffic congestion is a common sight in this area. With the road widening, commuters will be able to save time and reach their destinations on time.

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However, some people are disappointed with the demolition of the chapel. The residents of the chawl have been living there for many years, and now they have lost their homes and businesses. Some commercial establishments have been shifted to nearby municipal markets, but some are still struggling to find alternative places.

“Numerous small companies are now without a place to go as a result of the chawl’s demolition.” “The government should have given them some time to shift their businesses to another place,” said a local resident.

The demolition of the chawl has also raised concerns about the safety of the remaining chawls in Mumbai. There are many chawls in Mumbai that are in a dilapidated condition, and the residents are living in very poor conditions.

“The government should prioritise raising the standard of living for those who reside in chawls. Instead of demolishing the chawls, the government should provide basic facilities like water, electricity, and sanitation to the residents,” said a social worker.

The demolition of the chawl has also raised questions about the development of Mumbai. Mumbai is one of the most populous cities in the world, and the city is facing many problems like traffic congestion, pollution, and a lack of housing. The government needs to take the necessary steps to address these issues and make Mumbai a better place to live.

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The demolition of the chawl near JP Road Junction in Andheri West is a significant development in the city’s infrastructure. The road widening will benefit commuters, but it has also affected residents and small businesses. The government needs to take the necessary steps to address the concerns of the affected people and ensure that such developments are carried out without causing harm to them.

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