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Travel Mumbai To Goa in just 4.5 hrs, New Highway to be ready by December 2023

Gadkari has assured that the work of Mumbai to Goa New Highway will be completed by December 2023.

by Roshan
Mumbai To Goa New Highway

Finally, there’s some great news for the people of Maharashtra’s Konkan region!

The Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has recently announced that the Mumbai-Goa highway will be completed by December. The new highway will significantly reduce travel time by just 4.5 hours instead of current travel time which takes more than 11 hours.

This is sure to bring a huge development boost for the region, which has been struggling with a lack of infrastructure for a long time.

Completion of Mumbai-Goa Highway:

According to a report by PTI, the work on the Mumbai-Goa highway has been delayed due to several issues like land acquisition, permissions, and contractor problems.

However, Gadkari has assured that the work will be completed by December.

This news has brought a wave of relief for the people of Konkan, who have been eagerly waiting for the highway to be completed.

Development Boost For Maharashtra’s Konkan Region:

The Mumbai-Goa highway is a lifeline for the people of Maharashtra’s Konkan region.

It touches 66 tourism spots in the region and provides quick transportation of fruits and other produce, which the region is famous for.

Gadkari believes that the completion of the highway will give a high boost to the development of the Konkan region, which has been facing several developmental issues for a long time.

Construction of Morbe-Karanjade Road:

Apart from the Mumbai-Goa highway, Gadkari has also announced the construction of the Rs 13,000 crore (Rs 130 billion) Morbe-Karanjade road.

This road will go through the Jawaharlal Nehru port and reduce travel time between Mumbai and Delhi to just 12 hours.

This news has brought a ray of hope for the people of Maharashtra, who have been dealing with the issue of long travel times for ages.

Periodic Updating of Black Spots:

Gadkari has come up with a thoughtful suggestion to make Indian roads safer for all.

He believes that identifying and updating “black spots” on roads will help prevent accidents before they happen.

This step is sure to enhance the safety of the highways and reduce the number of accidents on the roads.

Satellite-Based Fare Collection:

Nitin Gadkari, the Road Transport and Highways Minister, has taken to the skies to assess the Mumbai-Goa National Highway.

He’s also promised to introduce satellite-based fare collection on highways, which will mean no more toll nakas obstructing traffic.

Gadkari’s focus on proactive rectification and introducing satellite-based fare collection on highways is a positive step towards enhancing India’s road infrastructure.

With all these measures in place, we can hope for a brighter future for the people of Maharashtra

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