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Iconic Mumbai Amusement Park Essel World Temporarily Shuts Down, Leaving Fans Heartbroken

While the notification on Essel World's website just states a temporary shutdown, many perceive it as a warning that the theme park's future is doubtful.

by Sumit Yadav
Essel World

The temporary closure of Mumbai’s Essel World has left a trail of heartbreak among its followers.. Essel World, one of Mumbai’s and India’s oldest and most renowned amusement parks, has long been a favourite site for school picnics and family vacations. However, the corporation just issued a notice on its website advising visitors of its temporary shutdown, indicating a huge setback for this popular recreation destination.

Essel World, located on the outskirts of Mumbai in Gorai, has enthralled visitors for years with its exhilarating attractions, which include the legendary Shot-n-Drop, Hoola Loop, and Tunnel Twister. The park has over 50 streets and a variety of activities, including adventure rides, a bowling alley, an ice skating rink, a disco, and picturesque green areas.

The announcement of the closure swiftly circulated through social media channels, eliciting an outpouring of emotions from heartbroken fans who vividly remembered their pleasant times at Essel World. “Wait what!!??!” said one Twitter user in amazement. “Has Esselworld closed down?” Another user sympathised with individuals who used to shout, “Essel World Me Rahunga Main Ghar Nahi Jaunga Main” (I’ll remain at Essel World and never go home), and wondered what had happened to them.

Another commenter pointed out that, while Essel World would be missed, Water Kingdom, another famous water park, remains open. However, the disappearance of Essel World within the municipal borders has created a hole for many Mumbai residents who regard it as a historic and treasured component of the city’s entertainment scene. A third user recognised Essel World’s historical significance, stating that it, along with Water Kingdom and AppuGhar in Delhi, was one of the city’s original amusement parks.

Meanwhile, a fourth user raved about Water Kingdom and its surrounding attractions, including the lazy river, wave pool, and the ability to pedal to the local pagoda and bird park. While Water Kingdom continues to create headlines, the closing of Essel World is considered as a loss for those looking for a unique amusement park experience.

Many people have been disappointed by the temporary closing of Essel World, particularly ’90s youngsters who grew up cherishing the experiences they made within its colourful and exhilarating boundaries. Although the actual reasons for the closure have not been made public, various issues are thought to have contributed to the theme park’s financial difficulties.

The influence of the worldwide epidemic is one obvious element. Essel World, as a non-essential service provider, was badly impacted by pandemic-induced limitations. During the pandemic, the inherent hazards connected with amusement park visits most certainly resulted in lower footfall and severe financial losses for the park.

While the notification on Essel World’s website just states a temporary shutdown, many perceive it as a warning that the theme park’s future is doubtful. This terrible turn of events looks to be the result of a combination of rising financial issues and the prolonged epidemic. As admirers bid farewell to this treasured Mumbai landmark, they hope for a future resuscitation of the famed Essel World.

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