About Us

Mumbai Metro Times

We are Mumbaikars, born and bought up in Mumbai. We have seen Mumbai changing a lot, not just by population but seeing it going under many transformation projects undertaken by the government to improve infrastructure. Many infrastructure developments took place to enhance Road, Rail, and Metro connectivity in Mumbai.

However, due to the large population, the current mass transit system was never adequate to meet people’s transport needs, and traveling in public transport has always been difficult. Considering the current situation, the government came up with a plan to evaluate and introduce a new mass transit system, i.e., Mumbai Metro.

It has always been difficult to know what public transport is available on the selected route, timings, station location, fares, and many other details on the Mumbai transportation system. Also, to understand the ongoing construction projects for Mumbai Transit System and its status.

Therefore, we decided to add all this information in one place where it can be easily accessible. We are trying our best to put out the information here with all the latest updates on Mumbai Transit System.