India is set to launch its first-ever observation mission to study the Sun, named Aditya-L1. 

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Its primary mission objective is to observe and study various aspects of solar activity and phenomena 

Mission Objective 

The name "Aditya" is derived from Hindu mythology, where it represents the Sun God .

Why name Aditya?

The launch is scheduled for Saturday at 11:50 India time (06:20 GMT) from Sriharikota.

Launch scheduled  

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Aditya-L1 has a weight of approximately 1,480.7 kilograms (around 1.48 metric tons).

Aditya-L1 weigh 

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The estimated cost of the Aditya-L1 mission was approximately INR 378.53 crores (around $52 million USD). 

Estimated cost  

The total travel time from launch to L1 is estimated to be about four months, covering a distance of 1.5 million km.

Travel time for Aditya-L1  

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The mission will help scientists understand solar activity's impact on Earth's weather and near-space conditions. 

Solar Weather Impact 

L1 is a point where gravitational forces balance, allowing Aditya-L1 to effectively "hover" between the Earth and the Sun. 

Unique Orbital Position

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